Dr. Christa Williams’ Story

From Dr. Williams’ perspective there’s no question about it—prior authorization worsens patient care.

“Every week it seems we see a patient’s health jeopardized by prior authorization issues.”

According to Dr. Williams, it’s particularly bad for patients suffering from emphysema and asthma. These individuals often require steroid/long-acting bronchodilator inhalers to effectively manage their conditions and stay out of the emergency room and off damaging oral steroids and antibiotics. However, insurance companies make it hard to maintain any consistency with their prescriptions.

“They’re constantly changing which formularies are covered and preferred, which is a huge problem because often times these drugs have slightly different delivery devices, leaving these patients with an inhaler they haven’t been taught how to properly use.”

The result: jeopardized patient care.

“I can count three times in the last two months I’ve had patients needlessly put in harms way because of this very issue.”

Dr. Williams has seen enough. She and her colleagues are ready for serious change with prior authorization requirements.

David Pridniaarchive