Dr. Diane Howlin’s Story

The constant battling had just become too much. Over the years, Dr. Howlin watched too many patients needlessly go without the medicine and care they needed because of prior authorization, and that struggle took its toll.

In fact, it’s what ended her career.

“I recently retired from internal medicine, and I think it’s safe to say that battling prior authorization is what drove me to that decision. I had patients whose lives were at serious risk because of denials from insurance, and I just couldn’t fight that fight anymore.”

One such patient was a 72-year-old schoolteacher with narcolepsy.

“Over and over, I wrote prescriptions for various forms of methylphenidate to treat this patient – each time, it was denied. For months, my staff and I went back and forth fighting with her insurance provider.”

 Getting nowhere, Dr. Howlin finally made the decision to lie and stated that the patient had ADHD to get the prescription through.

“It was the right thing to do. Her life was in danger and I felt like I needed to act. When I announced my retirement, her husband came into my office crying, hoping that his wife wasn’t the reason.”

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