Stephanie Brening’s Story

Stephanie Brening’s was concerned – her infant daughter was not gaining any weight.

And that’s what babies do. They grow. And when they don’t it’s cause for serious concern. Recognizing the problem and intervening early is important.

And that’s exactly what Stephanie Brening tried to do. But problems with prior authorization made that needlessly difficult and burdensome.

“Our HAP insurance denied our claim for the Pediasure peptide formula my daughter needs to combat Failurre to Thrive. I went through the whole appeal process and was told I was denied because I didn’t have the necessary rider for formula, which was something I was never even given the option purchase.”

The whole process has been a bureaucratic nightmare for Stephanie and her family, and its taken its toll financially as well.

“The issue was never resolved. And now we spend about $300 dollars a month for this special formula, which is a lot, but it’s the only thing that works for my daughter and its what she needs.”

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